My new enemy

I tend to hurt myself a lot.  You could say that I’m accident prone.  These aren’t just normal accidents… they are weird ones.  It’s my 3rd X-Man power.  (The first is breaking technology and the second is causing people 5 miles ahead of me get into accidents when I’m running late… but those are stories for a different day.)

So I have a canker sore because I have stress.  I’m just a big bundle of nerves and anger… it is kind of my thing.  Anyway I have been sitting at work sipping on some ice water.  This wonderful liquid serves two purposes – First is hydration.  I like being hydrated, it makes everything better.  Except for needing to go pee at the time, that side effect can be a PITA.  The second purpose of ice water was the lovely numbing effect it had on my canker sore.    This is important because those things hurt like a mo-fo.

As I was sitting here enjoying my day I decided it was snack time.  My snack of the day?  A delicious orange.  I peel that bad boy, pop a segment in my mouth and am immediately floored by the searing pain of acidic juice meeting open mouth ulcer.

Fuck you orange.


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