Blogging 101 and Writing 101

Starting next week I’m going to be taking the Blogging 101 and Writing 101 classes offered through “The Daily Post” on WordPress.  I’m really excited to start these, and think they will really help me get started with blog.  You can expect some fun and exciting changes in the next few weeks.  I might play with the layout again, add some fun new design elements, or change everything and start from scratch.  There will definitely be more posts…. hopefully a lot of new posts.

My favorite part?  Access to a community bloggers who are taking these classes with me.  I’m looking forward to meeting some new people and getting lots of peer reviews to help me.

For now, I’m keeping it short and sweet.

Here... have some sugar.

Here… have some sugar.

photo credit: “Sculpture” by wsilver and “Yummy Gum Drops!” by hmerinomx licensed under CC BY 4.0


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