Green Smoothies – Week 1

A handful of times of year Simple Green Smoothies has a 30 day challenge in which you are supposed to drink green smoothies every day for a month and see what happens.   They give you a grocery list and 5 recipes (you repeat your favorites on the weekends), and get to blending.  Each recipe makes at least enough for two, and most mornings we get two 16 oz servings plus a little bit for my kids to share.

Supposedly this challenge was going to start on October 1… we might be a little late to the party.  Whatever, we are doing it.

So let’s start at the top….

What IS a Green Smoothie?  Simply put a Green Smoothie is some combination of Fruit, Liquid, and Leafy Greens.  Things like Spinach, and Kale, and Romaine but also things like Mango, Strawberry, Banana, and Raspberries.   They have a pretty simple formula to follow

2 Cups Leafy Greens + 2 Cups Base Liquid + 3 Cups Fruit = Green Smoothie for 2

Does it actually taste good?  To be perfectly honest not all of them this week have been hits.  Some of them have been really yummy, and none of them have been terrible.  They don’t taste like straight up raw spinach, in fact most of them tasted like fruit.  The ones that I didn’t love were not terrible… they just weren’t my thing.

If you like this you will like green smoothies.

If you like this you will like green smoothies.

30 Days?  Really?  Yes, 30 whole days.  I promise it isn’t that bad.  Now that I’m a little over a week in, I’m more confident that this could be a permanent change in our household.  Lots of vitamins in one easy to make and tasty package?  Sure, why the hell not.

How hard is it?  I promise that if you have a decent blender this isn’t difficult at all.  They suggest some pretty high dollar blenders (Their favorites are a Blendtec and a Vitamix) and
I don’t know about you but I don’t see any reason to spend that much money on a blender.  Sorry.  They might be the most amazing blenders ever, but they are still blenders and I pretty much use my blender to… uh… make these smoothies once a day.  Yeah… my $60 blender works just fine (I actually really like my blender… watch the prices on Amazon and you can find a pretty sweet sale).

  1. Put the Leafy Greens and Base Liquid in the blender.
  2. Blend.
  3. Put everything else in the blender.
  4. Blend.
  5. Pour into glass(es) and drink or refrigerate.
  6. Wash blender.

The most difficult part is washing the damn blender.

So here is a quick review of the recipes from week one

  • CHERRY ON TOP – This was a really good introduction to green smoothies.  Tasted fruity, but think using a base other than water would have made it even better.  This was a favorite.
  • B-LIMEY STRAWBERRY – This had a LOT of lime and it was a little too tart for me.  After a few sips you got over the lime overload and it was really good.  I still ended up adding a bit of sugar to take the edge off though.  I’ll make this again with half of a lime.
  • ALMOND PEACH BLUEBERRY – Not a big fan of this one.  In fairness we used Walnut Butter rather than Almond Butter, but I don’t know if I would have liked that any better.  It was a little pasty in texture and using the ‘right’ nut butter probably wouldn’t have helped.
  • KALE ‘N CHERRY – I really enjoyed this one.  Cherries + Chocolate = Winner.
  • U-PICK ME UP – Normally I’m not a tea person and I was hesitant to try this because it uses green tea as the liquid base.   It was pretty awesome though.  This is not one you can make while getting ready to work unless you prepare the tea the night before as it needs to cool.  Learning moment.

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photo credit: “Super Hydrating Green Smoothie” by Stacy Spensley and “Fruitscape” by sea turtle licensed under CC BY 4.0

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