Green Smoothies – Week 2

Another week down in my adventure with green smoothies… I tried some awesome new recipes thanks to the ladies over at Simple Green Smoothies and have learned some things.

  1. It is still something really easy to do and is not time consuming.  It is also something that it is really easy not to do.  Habits are hard to make and hard to change.
  2. My kids love most of the recipes they have tried and they make an awesome bribe.  Mommy win.
  3. Read the recipe ahead of time and see if there are any tips.  Sometimes there are steps that take longer than the 5 minutes that I have allocated myself in the morning to make these things.
  4. I am actually feeling a lot better and I might be losing weight.  Either that or I’m not super bloated.  I’ll take it either way.
  5. Many green smoothies are not green.  Most are kind of brown-ish.  Others are VERY green.

Since we started late we were able to just go ahead and start the second week over the weekend rather than repeating our favorite recipes.  We might have also skipped a day and drank some of the leftovers that started to accumulate in the fridge.  Again… whatever.  We are making it work.

Want to know something that doesn’t work?  Raw carrots in a smoothie.  Yeah… two recipes this week called for carrots… they were really, um, chewy?  I don’t know how you would describe it.  The taste was good, but the texture just wasn’t.  I’m thinking that if we had cooked them to soften them up prior to blending it might have helped.

I find that I would rather drink a few small glasses during the day than one big glass, and I am loving these little jars.  They are the perfect 8 oz half serving so I can grab one in the morning and one in the evening.  If you want to drink one big glass that is fine, too.

This week seemed to have a semi-tropic theme…. it worked.  If you didn’t try any last week, I highly suggest a few from this week.

  • STRAWBERRY CARROT PINEAPPLE – The flavor of this was was really good.  The texture not so much.  The carrots and pineapples (to a lesser extent) made this a smoothie you had to chew.  If you try this one, cook the carrot first.
  • HAWAIIAN BREEZE – This one was really yummy.  Definitely tropical.  It did need a little extra blending because many of the fruits involved are very fiber-y.
  • SHAUNA’S CARROT CAKE – Carrots… I want to like it, and I might try it again… but the carrots.
  • ORANGE JEWLS – Like orange juice?  This one is just like drinking orange juice with a little banana thrown in for fun.  Everybody knows that bananas are the life of the party.
  • CREAM MACHINE – Drinking avocado?  What?  That is crazy talk.  Well… it isn’t.  Do it.  Gives everything a wonderfully creamy texture. This has probably been our favorite smoothie so far.

For Part 1 of this adventure, please check out my post here.

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photo credit: “Green Smoothie” by latisha (herbmother) licensed under CC BY 4.0

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