Green Smoothies – Week 4

A month ago +/- I started a 30 day green smoothie challenge (see Simple Green Smoothies for more info).  I had a week long break because of a vacation… and missed a few days here and there because life happened.  However I’m happy to say that we are continuing this challenge.

This week introduced medjool dates.  These are something I had never heard of until I got my shopping list for the week, but are something that I think we can incorporate into our regular diet now that I have tried them.  They are very sweet, and have a slightly caramel-y taste.  One thing that you should pay attention to is that these have pits… don’t just toss one in your mouth and comp away.  That kinda hurts.

4 weeks in and I have to say I’m really enjoying this challenge, but I’m also ready for it to be over in some ways.  I have definitely enjoyed the challenge, and have definitely come across some smoothies I really enjoyed.  There are just times when it really is a lot to ask to make a smoothie every day.  When you are a busy family with two kids, a dog, demanding jobs, random power failures that cause your electronics to go crazy, holidays, vacations, and so many other day to day tasks… that extra 5-10 minutes to decompress is a necessity.

So moving on from this challenge… I am going to commit to 3 smoothies a week.  More if I can, no less.  That is do-able.

This week was very Autumn-y IMO.  Which was perfect because it is actually starting to feel like Autumn around here.

  • JUST PLUMMY – ?  I kept forgetting to buy plums and didn’t do this one… we replaced with Strawberry Mango instead.
  • APPLE ALMOND BUTTER & JELLY – We had a nut butter smoothie during a previous week and I substituted walnut butter for almond butter.  As I wasn’t a fan, I went out and actually got Almond butter for this one.  The flavor was good, but the consistency was still kind of pasty.
  • COCO-MINT MOCHA – Chocolate + Mint?  MMmmmm…. But not really… This one needed something a little sweeter to bring it into the yummy category.  I might try this again with a few edits.
  • PEAR-BERRY NUTMEG – I like Nutmeg and was excited to try this one.  I liked it OK, but it didn’t have that nutmeg pop I was hoping for.  My husband hated it and refused to drink his.  To be fair, he isn’t much a blueberry fan and this one has a lot of blueberries in it.  I drank his so it didn’t go to waste.  No worries.
  • CARAMEL APPLE – This one was pretty good, but the dates needed to be added to the initial leaf blend.  They didn’t quite smoothify all the way.

Bonus Recipe that doesn’t fit the theme at all.

  •  STRAWBERRY MANGO – We didn’t have all the ingredients for the recipe we were supposed to make one night so I improvised.  First… I learned something – you can put too many frozen things in a smoothie.  It was a bit too solid and I had to water it down to make it blendable and drinkable.  Second, improvisation is sometimes very good.  This was a good combo.

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photo credit: “Avocado, Mango & Spinach Smoothie” by Liz Mochrie licensed under CC BY 4.0

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