Green Smoothie – Oops… I didn’t finish

So… It has been a while since posting about my green smoothie challenge. I really enjoyed it, and had fun trying new things. However, we ended up not finishing the challenge. My bad.

Part of the reason was because of my 3 week funk I found myself in. Part of the reason was because our real lives got absolutely insane. So insane that right now I’m wondering if I didn’t already write this post. Let me go check and I’ll be right back….

Ok, see, right there… I accidentally published my partial draft when I went to check. I can’t quite get my head on straight. Until I do I’m going to pretend I haven’t posted this and am going to continue with my thoughts.

First things first… A green smoothie every day is a lot. It is doable, it gets a little expensive and gets a little time consuming. Part of the expense is that we started with none of the required ingredients and double (and triple) purchased a few frozen fruits. Nothing crazy but 3 big bags of organic strawberries adds up. If your budget is tight you need to pay more attention than we did and it still might be a lot. Time is a bigger factor in our lives, and the extra trips to the store and extra 5-10 minutes every adds more effort to our day (really my day) than I was prepared to put forth. I’m confident that if I didn’t get into my funk this wouldn’t have been an issue, but I did and it was.

That said, green smoothies are good (most of them anyway). They are an excellent way to get a daily boost of nutrients without resorting to multivitamins or suppliments.

While we were doing this challenge I really felt better. I had more energy, my skin wasn’t doing weird things, I didn’t have tons of cravings. It was surprisingly awesome. I miss it.

I don’t plan on continuing a daily green smoothie because that is a lot of pressure on myself right now. I do plan on incorporating green smoothies into our regular diet however. I think we can easily do three a week. We might even be able to do more some weeks (by might I mean definitely can).

Don’t let me dissuade you from trying something like this yourself. It is definitely worth trying. Just don’t be quite as hard on yourself as I was. Relax, enjoy, and bottoms up!


photo credit: “Fail” by z Q licensed under CC BY 4.0  

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