I don’t drink much water… and I’m hoping to change that.  So for the next 30 days I’m drinkin’ me some water.

The problem with chronic dehydration is that you don’t feel thirsty anymore.  Your body is so used to being just a little on the dehydrated side is that this becomes your new normal.  Your body stops telling you that you are thirsty.  That and you can ignore the thirsty feeling really well, or confuse it with hunger.

This is why one bit of diet advice I hear time and time again is to drink a glass of water when you think you are hungry and wait 20 minutes before eating.  Something like that at least.

I’ve tried this many times in the past.  I even have this handy dandy app that makes a water pouring sound every hour to help remind me that I need to drink.  Problem is… I ignore it.  It has become a bit of a joke at the office, and I’ve recruited my 4 year old to make me drink water when she hears it.  (She loves it because she gets to tell Mommy what to do.)

So… my handy dandy app…  it calculates the amount of water I need to drink based off of my weight and activity level and outside temperature.  I actually think this is great because my 150 lb weekly workout self doesn’t really need the same amount of water as a 220 lb athlete.  The 8 glasses a day for everyone never made much sense to me.

My goal – 76.7 oz of water a day…  Which is 9.5 cups… That’s more than I thought it would be… WTF.

I’m going to accept the app’s recommendation.  There are numerous rules of thumb and handy dandy calculators to help you determine how much water you should be drinking if you are so inclined to figure it out…. This one seems to follow the same calculations as the app I use.  (Disclaimer… I know nothing about this website.  It might be amazing, it might be terrible… I’m only linking it for the app.)

My Mini-Habit not based on drinking 76.7 oz of water.  My Mini-Habit is simple… when water goes out, water goes in.

Simply put, drink some water every time I pee.  Theoretically this will help me drink a lot more water… the more I drink, the more I pee, the more I drink… you get it.

Want to join me?  Comment below.  I’ll check back in next week.


photo credit: “a glass of water” by [cipher] licensed underCC BY 4.0


3 thoughts on “Water

  1. I’m very good at drinking when I’m a work surprisingly. I have a 32oz camelback that sits on my desk and I can usually get through one, on a good day two. It is the weekends when I am running around that I forget. This is a good goal.

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