3 Week Case of the Mondays

You may have been wondering where I was.  Or you might not have given a shit and gone about your business as usual.  I’m going to pretend that you missed me, so let’s roll with that.

I’ve been super busy with work and life and I have had a really bad case of the “fuck off I hate everyones” (It’s new, I made it up).  Essentially I just haven’t been in much of a mood to do anything other than sleep and read books and eat all the candy.  Books without pictures.  Books with big words that don’t (necessarily) rhyme or have witty child appropriate banter.  You know… books for grown ups.

Dr. Google thinks I have brain cancer or some other fancy rare disease that is super scary and could totally fit if I tilted my head just so and squinted my eyes.  The lesson here is that Dr. Google is a terrible, terrible thing that enjoys watching mass hysteria and panic attacks.

I am starting to shake it off… and hope to have some more fun and interesting things to talk about soon.  Until then… it isn’t you, it is me.

Mostly I just want to punch people.


photo credit: “Hangover” by Mislav Marohnic licensed under CC BY 4.0