Water Week 1

Wednesday already?  Well, better late than never.  I’m still here, I’m still drinking water, and I’m happy to say I haven’t drowned. Yeah!

Monday  52 oz I determined that I needed to make an adjustment to my goal because I value my sleep and don’t want to wet the bed.  No more water after 9 P.M.
Tuesday  52 oz I don’t know if this is coincidence, but I noticed today that my lips did not feel chapped at all today.  Normally I use lots of chapstick throughout the day, but today I only applied in the morning and in the evening.
Wednesday  48 oz Not quite as much as the last few days.  I realized that I was drinking 16-20 oz glasses and decided to drop down to 8 oz cups as a minimum.  I noticed that I was forcing myself to drink, which defeats the purpose of mini-habits.
Thursday 40 oz  I’m kind of sick of water.  Am I only counting water in this challenge or can I do other liquids? Does coffee and wine count?  Hmmmm….
Friday 48 oz This morning I was running crazy late and didn’t get my first thing in the morning glass of water.  By the time I got to the office, I was thirsty… maybe this is the start of a really good thing.
Saturday 60 oz I had an awesome day today and was feeling great.  Since we spent so much time outdoors I made sure to grab extra water.
Sunday 40 oz Today I was traveling and running around all day so didn’t do great.  My lips still aren’t chapped, and my skin doesn’t feel as dry as it had been.  That could be because it is Spring… but I’m also counting this as a victory.
Monday 48 oz Start of a new week and lots to do.  I’m not as tired as I have been, and I haven’t really changed much about my routine.
Tuesday 56 oz I’m still at it and feeling good.  Not a lot to report.

So after a week and some change there have been a few things I’ve noticed… my skin doesn’t hate me.  I’m a little torn on if this can be totally attributed to drinking actual water more often, or to the changing seasons.  Who knows.

I’m keeping at it and despite the fact that I’m a little sick of water I feel pretty good about this change.


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I don’t drink much water… and I’m hoping to change that.  So for the next 30 days I’m drinkin’ me some water.

The problem with chronic dehydration is that you don’t feel thirsty anymore.  Your body is so used to being just a little on the dehydrated side is that this becomes your new normal.  Your body stops telling you that you are thirsty.  That and you can ignore the thirsty feeling really well, or confuse it with hunger.

This is why one bit of diet advice I hear time and time again is to drink a glass of water when you think you are hungry and wait 20 minutes before eating.  Something like that at least.

I’ve tried this many times in the past.  I even have this handy dandy app that makes a water pouring sound every hour to help remind me that I need to drink.  Problem is… I ignore it.  It has become a bit of a joke at the office, and I’ve recruited my 4 year old to make me drink water when she hears it.  (She loves it because she gets to tell Mommy what to do.)

So… my handy dandy app…  it calculates the amount of water I need to drink based off of my weight and activity level and outside temperature.  I actually think this is great because my 150 lb weekly workout self doesn’t really need the same amount of water as a 220 lb athlete.  The 8 glasses a day for everyone never made much sense to me.

My goal – 76.7 oz of water a day…  Which is 9.5 cups… That’s more than I thought it would be… WTF.

I’m going to accept the app’s recommendation.  There are numerous rules of thumb and handy dandy calculators to help you determine how much water you should be drinking if you are so inclined to figure it out…. This one seems to follow the same calculations as the app I use.  (Disclaimer… I know nothing about this website.  It might be amazing, it might be terrible… I’m only linking it for the app.)

My Mini-Habit not based on drinking 76.7 oz of water.  My Mini-Habit is simple… when water goes out, water goes in.

Simply put, drink some water every time I pee.  Theoretically this will help me drink a lot more water… the more I drink, the more I pee, the more I drink… you get it.

Want to join me?  Comment below.  I’ll check back in next week.


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New Goals

Welcome January.

This is the time of year when we all make those handy-dandy New Year’s resolutions, work really hard for a couple weeks, and go back to the norm because we were super gung ho and burned ourselves out in a few weeks.  I did 30 seconds of Google research on this one guys…. only 8% of New Year’s resolutions happen.

January is a time for self imposed failure rituals.  How fun.

(I realize it is essentially a week in, and I’m just now talking to you about resolutions, diets, getting organized, and the rest of that self improvement bullshit.  I am willing to move past that.)

At this point we are a week into our resolutions and a lot of us have already screwed up.  We already feel like failures.  We already gave up.  I might be included in that list… I’m not for sure.

Anywhoo….. I have a few goals for 2015 that I’m going to share here publicly.  I’m picking super easy goals because I’m still pumped about those Mini-Habits I told you about a month or so ago.

  1. Tell people I know in real life that I have a blog.
  2. Make my blog more me.  I do occasionally like pink… but in general I’m just not a pink person.  I need to turn this into something more me.
  3. Read 25 books (kid’s books don’t count, young adult books do)
  4. Do something active every day.  It doesn’t matter what it is… doing a couple crunches, walking on the treadmill, going to a yoga class… as long as I’m doing it for the purpose of being active.  (Things that have to get done anyway don’t count)
  5. Commit to one blog a week.  The content doesn’t matter, it just has to be a published post.
  6. Find one item every day that I don’t want, don’t need, or will never use and get rid of it.  It can be thrown out, given away, donated, sacrificed to the gods, repurposed, whatever.

If you yourself made some sort of resolution or attempt at self improvement at the start of the new year… don’t give up.  Maybe you picked something that was not reasonable for you.  Maybe you went into it without a plan.  Maybe it isn’t that important to you.  It doesn’t really matter.  If you find that you are struggling, take a moment to reassess what your goal is, come up with a gameplan, and move forward.  Maybe this new plan will be better for you.  Maybe you will need to re-assess again and again until you find a goal that is attainable and a plan to make it happen.

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Mini Habits

With the New Year’s fast approaching many people are thinking about their new Resolutions… many people are hoping to make some major changes in their lives.

Here is a little non-scientific poll for you to take:


Why?  Why do we make these New Year’s resolutions?  Well…. we want to make ourselves better, we strive for improving ourselves.  We want to be the best people we can be….  We want to look good, be healthy, have money, help others, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  It is also tradition and tradition matters.

If you selected anything but “Ain’t nobody got time for that”  in the poll above I want you to answer a new poll:


If this works the way I think it will (because it is the way my life works) those of us who make resolutions tend not to keep resolutions.  At least not consistently.


So… confession time again… I have been known to pick up the occasional self-help book.  I’m kinda fucked up, I want to be better.  Judge me.  Actually I do enjoy these books because I do get something out of them.  There are a LOT of self help books that are a bunch of BS, but the vast majority contain some little bit of information, some little tip, that I can use in my life.  One of the books I recently picked up was “Mini Habits”  by Stephen Guise.

The concept of this book is pretty simple…. We make big goals, we fail, we start to doubt our abilities, we stop trying, we feel bad about ourselves.  If we swap out those big goals for little tiny goals that are next to impossible to fail we can get out of this neverending spiral down.  We can start making real improvements.

This resonates with me.

I try to make resolutions, I try to get healthy, I try to save more money, I try to do a lot of things and I fail.  I stop trying… Why try if I know deep down it isn’t going to happen.

In the book the example provided over, and over, and over (really… it get brought up a lot) is the Author’s first mini-habit.  He sets the goal of doing one push up every day.  He can choose to do more, but he can never choose to do less.  Well, how frigging easy is it to do one push up every day?  (Or to put on your workout clothes, or to drink one cup of water, or to save $1 a week)  The point is that these are stupid small goals that are almost impossible not to do.  Every day you do this tiny little thing, and every day your confidence builds and builds.  Eventually these mini-habits become full blown habits.

Let’s take my Green Smoothie challenge that I just wrapped up… I ended up failing it because life got in the way and that extra 5-10 minutes really was just too much for me to commit to every day.  Well, making the commitment to purchase spinach or kale or some other green leafy thing once a week is not a big stretch for me.  I am going to the grocery store anyway, if I have all my supplies I am going to end up doing something with them,  I like green smoothies more than I like spinach and kale on their own… there is a pretty simple progression from purchasing greens to having green smoothies.  All of the steps in between are small, totally do-able most days, and if life ends up getting in the way again I have still met my goal by just purchasing some green shit.  Success!

One of the biggest problems I see… Feeling life a failure when you aren’t an overachiever.  I know with my green smoothies I really want to actually drink those things… buying supplies isn’t going to feel like success.  That is a problem, that is part of the reason my resolutions and goals fail.  I’m focused on the endpoint and not all the little steps in between.  Even if I do a stellar job at every little step from the first to the second to last I feel like a failure because that last step didn’t go the way I wanted it to go.  How much sense does that make?


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