A View of My Pantry

Here is another prompt from Writing 101 that I’m putting my own spin on.

As it stands now my pantry is a small closet filled with boxes and bags with lots of bright colors and eye catching designs.  It isn’t particularly well organized, but there is a method to the madness.  Still… it is mostly madness.

The bottom of the pantry is filled with boxes of various kitchen appliances.  There is a food processor or two, a blender, an electric griddle, and other random things.  (No KitchenAid stand mixer though… maybe Christmas)  The things here almost all live in their boxes.  Taken out when there is a need and carefully replaced because they fit just so.  The lowest shelf… snacks.  Bags of dried fruits, trail mix, juice boxes, crackers.  Also some onions.  Because that is logic.

Above that… we have cereal, boxed foods, seasoning packets, canned goods, and spices.  It is the shelf that is most often used and the shelf that is most chaotic.  Digging through the envelopes cans and jars is annoying, and we often can’t find what we need when all is said and done anyway.  Hence the fact that we own at least two jars of dry mustard.  I hate mustard.

There is one shelf where this chaos is starting to change.  A small shelf where there are lots of clear square containers.  A small shelf where these containers are neatly labeled with chalkboard stickers that tell you exactly what ingredient can be found inside.  At first it was only a small part of the shelf… a container for Flour and Sugar… then a few more things like breadcrumbs and cornmeal… slowly expanding until it has filled nearly half of the shelf.  This is the part of the pantry that is for ingredients rather than boxes.  The “Real Food” part of the pantry if you will.

As it stands now this is just a small part of our pantry, but it is slowly expanding.  I don’t know how we are doing it, but this part of the pantry is also the area that is most organized.  Maybe it is the nice, simple, and uniform packaging.  Maybe it is that this area is still relatively small.  Maybe it is because this area is really much simpler to manage.   

Images provided by IDSA

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